DEAD SHIELD = Caché Versa Mat 1 Sheet


    Caché Dead Shield sound dampening material creates the ultimate acoustical environment in your vehicle by eliminating road noise, vibrations, and rattles that can have an adverse affect on your car audio listening experience. It is a light-weight, elastic, butyl and aluminum composite constrained-layer material that can withstand temperature extremes between -65°F to + 300°F(-54°C to +149°C). By adding Dead Shield products to your vehicle, you will hear greater bass output, experience greater dynamic range, and increased SPL. With excellent adhesion and flexibility, Dead Shield can be applied to almost any body panel of a vehicle. The result will be incredible sound quality with no outside road noise interference for the perfect car audio listening environment!
    • Appearance : Black butyl based core with aluminum constraining layer, craft paper release liner
    • Thickness : ~0.087"
    • Mass : 0.62lbs./ft.2
    • Adhesive Peel Strength : 40 lb./in. on cold steel
    • Chemical Resistance : Resistant to water and mineral oils
    • Temperature Range : -14°F to +140°F (-10°C to +60°C) for optimal performance
    • CVM : Caché Versa Mat 1 Sheet - 18" X 32" (457mm X 812mm)
    1. Unique and proprietary but composite formula
    2. Thin metal film noise isolating barrier
    3. Thick and dense yet very flexible for easy application


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