The COE6 is a premium 6-channel processors that provide great versatility to easily add aftermarket amplifi ers to your OEM factory audio system. The COE6 has a unique signal sense feature that detects signal on the audio input and turns the unit on without the need of a 12-volt trigger at the remote in (turn on) connection. Whether you are using the remote in or the signal sense function the COE6 has a remote out feature that will turn on your amplifi ers or other integrated devices.
    All of the channels of the COE6 can be blended or summed to the main channel (Channel 1) so if your OEM audio system has independent channels for tweeters, midrange and subwoofers you can create a full range signal. The COE6 will accept direct input a so each output channel receives its input signal from the corresponding channel input. The COE6 is fi nished in a sleek anodized aluminum hard case and come with an external remote level control.
    • Max. Input Power : 100 Watts/ch at 4ohms
    • Max. Output Voltage : 9 Volts
    • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) : 01%
    • Input Impedance : >20K ohms
    • Output Impedance :
    • Signal To Noise : >98dB
    • Signal Sense Level : DC Sense
    1. Power Connections- These connections are for input power, chassis ground, and remote turn-on. Use a minimum of 18 gauge wire for power and ground connections. The power wire should be fused with a 1 amp fuse.
    2. Input Gain Adjustment- This control matches the input level of your coe6 with the output level of your source unit.
    3. Power Indicator- This LED indicates when the coe6 is powered on.
    4. RCA Sub Outputs- These RCA output jacks provide a full range signal to your amplifier.
    5. RCA Front & Rear Outputs- These RCA output jacks provide a full range signal to your amplifi er.
    6. Remote Level Control- This port is for the remote level control (Included). This remote allows the user to control the level of the Sub output channels up to the maximum adjustment level set on the coe6. This control does not add any additional gain, it only attenuates the level at which the coe6 was set.
    7. High Level Inputs- Each terminal block allows for a high level left and right channel signal to be input from the source unit. All three inputs (Front, Rear, and Sub) are full range inputs.
  • Download Manual


    1. Always mount the unit in a fashion so that it can be easily accessible for making adjustments.
    2. Avoid mounting the unit to subwoofer enclosures or high vibration areas.
    3. Do not cover the unit with carpet or any other material.
    4. Do not mount the unit in the engine compartment or anywhere that it will be subject to high temperatures, (ie, direct sunlight or heater) moisture, dust or dirt.
    5. Use rubber or plastic grommets to protect wires when routing them through metal.
    6. Always keep signal wires away from high current power wires.
    7. The ground connection should always be the fi rst connection made.


    Ground Connection (GND)
    The main ground connection should be made between the Gnd terminal on the unit and a metal part of the vehicle close to the mounting location. This wire needs to be as short as possible to minimize the possibility of induced noise. You should use 18 gauge wire or larger for the ground connection. The metal point on the vehicle where the ground connection is made needs to have all paint removed and be scuffed down to the bare metal. The ground wire should have a ring terminal soldered to it and be bolted directly to the vehicle with the use of a star washer. Do not ground the unit near existing (factory) ground points. These areas generally have multiple devices grounded to them and can cause induced noise.

    Power Connection (+12V)
    The main power connection should be made at the battery. This will ensure that the unit receives the best possible connection to minimize noise. There must be an inline fuse (1 amp) placed in series with the unit. The fuse should be within 18" of the battery. You should use 18 gauge wire or larger for the power connection. The power wire should have a ring terminal soldered to it and be bolted to the vehicles battery. Do not install the fuse in the holder until all the systems connections have been made.

    Remote In (REM)
    This Caché unit is turned on by applying +12 VDC to the remote turn-on terminal. This terminal should be connected to the remote lead from the car stereo. This remote lead from the source unit will trigger a +12V output only when the car stereo is turned on. If the source unit does not provide a remote turn on you can use the accessory terminal in the cars fuse block. This will however turn the unit on and off with the key, regardless of whether the source unit is on or off.

    Remote Out
    This Caché unit is equipped with a signal sensing circuit that can detect a signal on its input and provide a +12V output signal to turn on an aftermarket amplifi er. Connect this to the remote terminal on an aftermarket amplifier

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