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OEM factory source units continually evolve with new controls and functions. Features such as in-dash navigation, voice recognition, Bluetooth, and mobile cellular integration technologies once reserved for luxury vehicles are now available options for many vehicles today. With their sophisticated and sometimes complex cosmetic integration in the dashboard, eliminate the guesswork and upgrade your OEM factory audio system instead by incorporating Caché premium audio integration processors instead to experience superior sound quality!

Caché Electronics     Caché Electronics

As the premier solution for OEM integration, Caché processors deliver high voltage and a very low impedance source signal to your OEM factory audio system for greater clarity and a more improved and cleaner sound that you would expect from premium and upscale aftermarket source units. Fine-tune your sound system this year with the addition of new Caché models that incorporate easy to use EQ adjustments that can be modified to your listening desire. To further enhance your car audio sound experience, Caché offers additional products such as the CBR, a bass restoration processor that restores lower frequencies to reproduce accurate bass to your music.

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